Consumer Insights for the Social Age

CRI’s research reports include consumer insights on the buyers’ emotional journey, relevant behavioral indicators, and consumer language, patterns, and concerns expressed in Social Media and digital space.

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    Mine online conversations.

    Consumers talk online. They talk about products and services. They ask for and share recommendations. Turn their conversations into your research. Make smarter decisions with better insights.

    Discover Unmet Needs

    Whether your product is existing or new, online conversations can surface gaps in user experience, unmet needs and development opportunities before they’d surface elsewhere.

    Laser Focus Content Strategy

    From understanding what content your prospects read and share to what emotions and behaviors your messaging triggers, conversation research delivers key insights.

    Understand Customer Nuances

    Whether building personas or segmenting ad targets, online conversations fuel uncommon and never-before-discovered opportunities to reach audiences.

    Pull back the cover on consumer sentiment and behavior.

    Social media is where your consumers’ attentions are focused. It is where they engage with friends, family and even brands. It is where they recommend and refer businesses. It is where they talk about experiences. It is where they influence their networks.

    Uncover handy insights about your audience.

    Conversation Research connects brands to the insights, assertions, preferences, behaviors and emotions of their target audiences. By analyzing this vast sea of unfiltered, unbiased conversations, brands can finally move beyond demographics and psychographic assumptions about their audiences. The end result is a stronger understanding of the customer, more effective messaging, content and targeting, making yours a smarter business.

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      The Conversation Research Institute is an independent research firm that mines online conversations for consumer insights. We work with business, brands, associations and organizations interesting in knowing their prospects and customers better.

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    Credible, reliable research in an exciting developing field.

    CRI’s team of analysts and strategists have over 40 years of combined experience in the digital space, leading and touching social media strategies, campaigns and conversation analysis for some of the world’s top brands, including Humana, GM, Jim Beam, Rawlings, SAP, AT&T, Maker’s Mark, GE and more.

    Co-founder and Chief Instigator Jason Falls published the first-ever syndicated research report based solely on analysis of online conversations in 2012. His understanding and immersion in the social analytics tool space dates back over a decade to the nascent days of social technologies. His product feedback and consulting continue to help build a number of social technologies considered must-have products in today’s digital marketing space.

    CRI is also actively involved in unifying the academic study of conversation analysis and ethnomethodology and online conversation research to further the field and use and innovation of technology around conversation analysis.

    Research available for all organizations – and all budgets.

    Brand Insights Reports

    CRI’s Brand Insights deliver benchmark surveys of your place in the market, among competitors and elevate critical issues of consumer focus for your company. When issues are uncovered, deep analysis provides critical insights to drive effective decision-making from the biggest of decisions down to granular direction for tactical executions. Brands get closer to the customer’s thinking with conversation research.

    Agency Reporting Services

    CRI’s Agency Service gives service providers subscription-based access to monthly or quarterly research on select clients ranging from basic brand health to intelligence reports on hot-button issues. The biggest advantage for agencies is access to top-level research reports for new business pitches to build your firm’s credibility and help close the deal.

     SMB Report Services

    CRI’s Small Business Reporting allows small and medium-sized businesses to finally see monthly status reports on brand health and conversation data without having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars per month for software they don’t need. A low-cost, high return on insight monthly report starts at $99 and options are available for CRI’s analysts to provide useful insights to put some ROI in your marketing budget.

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    “Our analysts will help you mine the online conversation and gather important insights about your business, your competition, and your products and services. Do you need to know more about your audience? Give us a call. Let’s get started.”

    — Jason Falls, CRI Co-Founder and Chief Instigator

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