March 7, 2017

Why CMOs Aren’t Using The Data They Pay For

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are spending more on analytics now than ever before, but also admit that barely 1/3 of the data they’re paying for gets used. That’s according to The CMO Survey from the American Marketing Association, Deloitte and Duke University’s School of Business. One of the biggest reasons CMOs aren’t using the data? They say it’s too complex, lacks insight and relevance.

This is exactly why we started the Conversation Research Institute. No, we’re not going to solve that problem for all aspects of marketing analytics. But when a CMO gets a report from a social listening platform, it’s a vague assortment of charts and graphs. It doesn’t explain the WHY any of those bars are as big or small as they are, the pie chart looks the way it does or the colors are one way or another.

What Factors Prevent Your Company From Using More Marketing Analytics?

When you pay for software as a service, all you typically get is the software. The service part of it doesn’t refer to someone to serve you insights or make the software work for you.

CRI is focused on taking either your existing social listening software or implementing the software we use on your behalf, then interpreting that data so it is:

  1. Easy to understand
  2. Delivers insights you can use
  3. Focuses on the voice of your consumer to deliver relevance

CMOs are too busy and have too little time to interpret the data they receive. A strong analyst is going to see that and deliver what the CMO needs when he or she needs it. They’re going to focus on the stakeholders in question and on the issue of relevance. Without those two focal points, no amount of data or charts or graphs will help the CMO make decisions.

It is true. CMOs are spending more money on analytics. According to the study, analytics will jump from around five percent of marketing budgets to almost 22 percent in the next three years. Why on earth would they pay more money for something they use less than 1/3 of?

We owe it to ourselves as analysts and evangelists for conversation research, social listening and social analytics to close that gap and ensure that CMOs are getting their money’s worth. We know what we’re doing about it at CRI. What are you?


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