October 24, 2016

A peek inside Conversation Research around the travel industry

Understanding how conversation research data can help your business is certainly your first step in knowing what to ask for, who to ask it from and how you might approach discovering insights for your brand. There’s high-level data that points you in a general direction, then specific, granular research that can point to specific insights that help you make decisions.

I recently had the honor of sharing information about conversation research to the audience at TBEX, the world’s premier travel writing and blogging conference, in Manila, Philippines. In preparation for that talk, I recorded a little video to share some of the differences in high-level vs. specific insights with you. I also talk a bit about a specific example of a high-level insight that led to answers at a granular level.

So, what questions do you have about your business or industry that the consumer conversation may answer? I’d be happy to tell you as a response how conversation research may be able to help. Go ahead — the comments are yours!


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